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  • What is the shelf life?
    I can't tell you what the shelf life is because I sell it too fast! It does not sit around on a shelf. We recommend you store in a cool dry place as FSN has no chemical additives to preserve it.
  • Why are the tidbits different sizes?
    I make each batch by hand, so the tidbits will naturally vary a bit in size.
  • What can I do with the small pieces?
    You can feed them by hand with a pill or pills. Another trick I use is dissolve them in water if I have to mix a supplement or med they don't like. Dogs love them too so don't leave your package on the floor!
  • Why are the packages double wrapped and the jars sealed?
    Products are shipped in a vacuum sealed bag to ensure there is no cross contamination. You can open the sealed bag inside the 1 pound package and empty it in to the outer bag. Break the seal on the jar and use it for refilling too!
  • Can I return my product for any reason?
    To avoid the chance of cross contamination, we cannot accept returns.
  • Can I order these in large quantities?
    At this time, we can not facilitate large orders. We are a small, quality controlled shop and are only able to make a certain amount of product every month. We hope to expand in the future!
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