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Adriene Lyle

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"All of my horses love "Fame's Sweet Nuthins" Training Tidbits!  Positive, healthy rewards are a key part to the success of our training system. The fact that FSN are low glycemic is a huge plus!"

About Us

Thank you for your interest in  Fame’s Sweet Nuthins!


Our story began back in 2015, when my beloved KWPN gelding Walk of Fame (aka Fame), was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance. For those not familiar with Insulin Resistance (IR), it’s a metabolic disorder that takes careful management including extreme dietary changes, more exercise and monitoring digital pulse multiple times a day (among other things). While daunting, I was willing to do everything I could to make sure Fame was happy and healthy!


One of the many lifestyle changes I made for Fame, was the reevaluation of the treats I fed my horses. Processed white sugar cubes, starchy cookies and even most fruits and vegetables were no longer an option for Fame. I needed to find something with a low glycemic index no higher than 35 that all three of my horses would like. Fame, along with my other guys Caruso and Luke, promptly rejected any of the low glycemic options I could find.


In addition to being tasty, I really wanted something I could put in my pocket without creating a mess, could help stimulate “frothy happy slobber,” as well as be competition-safe. I wanted a substitute for sugar cubes! Unable to find what I needed, I started experimenting in my kitchen. After a few years of trial and error, Fame’s Sweet Nuthins was born!

Passing the approval test with all my horses and my vet, I’m now excited to share with my fellow equestrians!

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